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Vtpass Gotv Subscription Guide


Vtpass Gotv Subscription

Gone are the days of waiting in line at service centers or fumbling with complicated USSD codes for your GOtv subscription.

VTpass, a secure and user-friendly payment platform, steps in to offer a streamlined and convenient experience for managing your GOtv needs.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone simply seeking a quicker solution, VTpass empowers you to subscribe and activate your GOtv plan anytime, anywhere, right from your phone or computer.

Benefits Of Using Vtpass For Gotv Subscription

  1. Unmatched Convenience: Ditch the physical queues and subscribe to your desired GOtv package (Max, Supa+, Jinja, Jolli, Smallie, or Supa) at your fingertips. No more time constraints or geographical limitations.
  2. Payment Flexibility: VTpass caters to your preferences with a diverse range of payment options. Choose from debit/credit cards, secure USSD transfers, or online banking methods to complete your transaction seamlessly.
  3. Enhanced Security: VTpass prioritizes your safety by utilizing cutting-edge security protocols to safeguard your financial information. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your transactions are protected.
  4. Effortless Activation: VTpass doesn’t just stop at subscription. Receive clear and easy-to-follow instructions or an activation code directly through the platform, ensuring a smooth transition to enjoying your favorite channels.

Step By Step For Vtpass Gotv Subscription

1. Visit VTpass:

2. Select “GOTV Payment”:

  • On the website or app, locate and choose the option specifically designated for “GOTV Payment.”

3. Choose Your Package:

  • From the available options, select the GOtv package that best fits your needs and budget (Max, Supa+, Jinja, Jolli, Smallie, or Supa).

4. Enter Your Details:

  • Accurately enter your GOtv IUC number (located on your decoder or smartcard) and your phone number for verification.

5. Choose Your Payment Method:

VTpass offers various payment methods for your convenience. Choose your preferred option, including:

  • Debit/credit cards
  • USSD transfers (e.g., 8881# for MTN)
  • Online banking transfers

6. Complete the Payment:

  • Carefully follow the on-screen instructions to finalize your payment securely using the chosen method. Ensure all information is correct before confirming.

7. Receive and Activate:

  • You should receive an activation code or clear instructions on how to activate your subscription. This might involve entering the code on your decoder or using an online platform.

8. Enjoy Your Entertainment:

  • Once activated, you can access the channels included in your chosen GOtv package and relish your favorite shows and movies.

Note: If VTpass isn’t your preferred choice, remember you can also subscribe to GOtv using:

  • MyGOtv App: Manage your account and subscribe directly using the official app.
  • GOtv website: Subscribe online on the GOtv website with a few clicks.
  • Mobile Money: Utilize your mobile money platform (MTN, Airtel, etc.) for quick and easy subscriptions.
  • Retail Outlets: Visit MultiChoice service centers or authorized dealers for a traditional approach.

By following these steps and choosing the method that suits you best, you can easily subscribe to GOtv and start enjoying your favorite entertainment without hassle!

Frequently Asked Questions?

What GOtv packages are available on VTpass?

  • VTpass offers all the current GOtv packages, including Max, Supa+, Jinja, Jolli, Smallie, and Supa.

Do I need a VTpass account to subscribe?

  • No, you do not need a VTpass account to subscribe. However, creating an account allows you to track your subscriptions and transactions more easily.

What payment methods does VTpass accept for GOtv subscriptions?

  • VTpass accepts various payment methods, including debit/credit cards, USSD transfers through supported banks, and online banking.

Are there any additional fees for using VTpass?

  • VTpass charges a convenience fee of N100 per transaction unless you are a partner.

How long does it take for my subscription to be activated?

  • Usually, your subscription is activated instantly after successful payment. However, in rare cases, it might take up to 24 hours.

What if my subscription is not activated after following the instructions?

  • Contact VTpass support for assistance with activation issues.

Can I manage my subscription through VTpass?

  • Currently, you cannot manage your subscription directly through VTpass. However, you can view your past transactions and download receipts.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are paramount. VTpass steps in as a powerful tool for managing your GOtv subscriptions, offering a seamless and secure experience compared to traditional methods.


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