How to Recover Missing Channels on GOtv in 2023


Gotv is the sister platform of Dstv.  Gotv offers a variety of channels ranging from movies, sports, news, documentary, entertainment e.t.c  However, viewers sometimes will lost their favorite channel. Have you lost your Gotv Channels? Here i will explain how to recovery channels on Gotv.

Sometimes when you dont find your channels, all you have to do is rescan decoder to recover channels. Note that Gotv decoder is always in a scan mode, so whenever you switch on your  Gotv decoder it will automatically scan and add recover lost channels or add new ones.


It is possible that your decoder may not be working because of:

  1.  Weak signal strength.
  2. The need to reset the decoder.
  3. Internal fault with the system.


    As I pointed out earlier, all you need to do to recover all the channels on GOTv is to rescan. Follow these steps to rescan:

  1. Press the “Help” button to open the “Menu” on your Gotv remote, Navigate to “Advance options” and press ok.
  2. Click on “Installation” and press ok; choose “Automatic Scan” then press Ok.
  3. Please wait patiently as the channels are being scanned – all of them will be restored, and new ones will show up too.
  4. After the scanning procedure is complete, press the exit button to remove it from your screen.
  5. Once the process is complete, you will see all your lost channel recovered.
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