GOtv Signal Errors Causes and Solutions


GOtv no signal errors are one of the problems most GOtv subscribers are going through. People do normally contact the GOtv installer for assistance whenever they face this challenge, however, it might take a while due to delay as the installer of the antenna might take along to get to you.

We have come to your rescue, we have put together the causes and steps to follow to help you recover your signal when you are experiencing no signal on your GOtv.

Cause of no signal error on GOtv

Below are a few causes of no signal errors on your GOtv:

  1. They might be a flaw or fault in your GOtv decoder
  2. Your antenna might have changed in the wrong direction, causing a bad network
  3. Your antenna is damaged or needs repairs 
  4. They might be a split in your GOtv antenna cable 
  5. Your antenna might be broken and thereby your GOtv displays no signal 
  6. Your subscription must have expired

Requirements to increase your TV signal strength 

Below are the requirements needed to restore your GOtv signal: 

  1. A ladder
  2. A new coaxial cable
  3. Power source
  4. GOtv antenna (new or existing)
  5. Hammer, screwdrivers, teen spinner
  6. connectors
  7. Your GOtv remote 

 Step to fix GOtv signal errors

Below are the steps to follow to fix GOtv signal errors.

  1. Find your GOtv decoder power source and ensure it is turned on.
  2. Wait until booting process is complete 
  3.  When the no signal shows, press the “help” button on the remote to display the “menu”
  4. Go to the “advance option” and enter OK
  5. Choose “signal information” and enter OK
  6. You will see the GOtv signal and quality are not displayed
  7. Ensure that someone watches in the room for you while you go to where the antenna is mounted
  8. Try changing the aerial direction from left to right all around to see if the signal appears 
  9.  After the previous step and there still no improvements, change the aerial cable and get a new coaxial cable.
  10.  Associate the new cable to the same cable port on the aerial.
  11. Put the cable well in the room where the decoder is
  12. Replace the old cable with he new cable on the back of the decoder
  13. After replacing the cable, the signal will definitely show up, if you ain’t satisfied, go to the antenna and shift the aerial all around to get a high alert
  14. Once the signal has been restored, scan the decoder to recover your lost GOtv channels
  15. Click on “Exit” and start watching your channels.
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