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How To Check Your DSTV IUC Number


Are you a new subscriber of DSTV? Are you not really sure how to get your DSTV IUC number? Then this article is for you. In this article, we have put together all you need to know about checking your IUC number on your DSTV.

As a new subscriber, it is important to know the use of your IUC number. This IUC number is mostly called ”CARD NUMBER”, this number is attached to your DSTV only. This number will grant you access to all channels on DSTV.

Although in recent times, the latest DSTV decoder being produced come with inbuilt cards making it difficult for customers to access the Card number.

Functions and Features of the Card Number

Features of your Card Number

The features of this card number are of two types,

  • Removable card, and;
  • Non removable card.

As earlier stated, in recent times, DSTV decorders have inbuilt cards in them, these ones cannot be removed for any reason. However, their numbers are still very much accessible. The removable cards are one of the earlier decoders, these cards can be removed and put back. The numbers are mainly at the back of the cards.

Functions of your Card Number

The function of these cards is to make sure that your subscription is active, and with the help of the number you can subscribe for whatever package you deem fit on the DSTV. Also, it forms a communication link between the DSTV server and your decoder, that is, it helps decrypt your channels by carrying encryption keys. It also serves as an identification purpose at the DSTV customer care.

If the card number is not there then you will not be able to watch any channel whatsoever, and it activates your decoder to view locked channels.

Step by Step Process in Checking your Card Number

Having known the functions and features of the card number, you need to know where to see this number.

  1. Make sure the decoder is turned on.
  2. Turn the decoder upside down, with the under part of the decoder facing upwards.
  3. A white sticker should be at the bottom part of the decoder.
  4. The DSTV IUC number will be written boldly on the sticker.
  5. Write the number somewhere and keep it safe and accessible at all times.


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