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DSTV Error Codes


DSTV error codes can be really worrying especially for new subscribers who do not know what they mean and how to correct them. However, this article will enlighten you more on what these error codes mean and how to erase them.

DSTV errors are caused by certain things like

  • weak or damaged cables;
  • smart card errors;
  • bad weather that causes a bad signal;
  • poor installation that causes glitch in the board.

The most well-known DSTV error code out there is probably E16. This code is the notice one gets when service is currently scrambled as they have not subscribed for a bouquet. Moreover, aside it being worrisome, it is not something any subscriber will want to pass through especially having to pay for their subscription and then it begins to give you issues.

There are ways to get this handled without stress and that is what this article will do for you, you will be guided effectivly on what to do.

More often than not, the major problem will be due to the error in the smart card placement or the decoder not effectively reading the smart card. Whichever way, it is advisable to first of all check your smartcard before going for further checks.

For starters, you can head over to DStv Eazy Self Service, scroll down to Fix Errors and input your error code. Note however that most of these codes are country specific, therefore you need to be weary of the code you send from your country.

 A number of issues are caused by wrong insertion of the DStv Smartcard

Back to the question of Error code E16, the biggest complaint witnessed frequently is the decoder remaining scrambled after you might have already subscribed for a bouquet. The advice is to make sure the decoder is switched on when paying for your bouquet to save yourself the hustle of calling customer care.

List of Error Codes and their Meanings

  • E04 – Please insert your smartcard;
  • E05 – Cannot read smartcard;
  • E06 – Smartcard fault, cannot read.
  • E07 – Checking smartcard, the decoder is checking smartcard;
  • E08 – CA Module failure. The control access is malfunctioning;
  • E14 – The service is currently scrambled, transmission might be temporarily suspended;
  • E16 –  The service is currently scrambled, transmission might be temporarily suspended;
  • E18 – Unknown smartcard;
  • E19 – The service is currently scrambled, please wait;
  • E30 – The service is currently scrambled, please wait;
  • E34 – Cannot read smartcard;
  • E37 – Invalid channel number;
  • E38 – Program map table not available;
  • E42 – Parental control pin blocked;
  • E43 – Not for this country;
  • E44 – No PG status is available;
  • E45 – Service not allowed.


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