How Much Is Gotv Decoder


How Much Is Gotv Decoder?

Have you been contemplating joining the Gotv community but are unsure about the initial investment?

You’re at the right place! This guide aims to provide transparent and concise information on the cost of accessing Gotv in Nigeria. We’ll delve into:

  • Different Gotv packages and their corresponding pricing
  • Where to purchase a Gotv decoder
  • Tips for securing the best possible deal on your decoder

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision about subscribing to Gotv and enjoying a world of entertainment tailored to your preferences.

Gotv Packages And Pricing

GOtv offers a range of satellite TV packages to cater to different budgets and viewing preferences.

Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a movie buff, or looking for family-friendly entertainment, there’s a GOtv package that’s right for you.

1. GOtv Supa+: The premium package with over 70 channels, including exclusive access to the English Premier League and La Liga matches, Hollywood blockbusters, popular series, kids’ favorites, and more. Price: ₦10,500

2. GOtv Supa: Offers a good selection of over 85 channels, including local and international channels, movies, sports, telenovelas, and kids’ shows. Price: ₦1,300 monthly

3. GOtv Max: Provides over 60 channels with a balanced mix of local and international content, featuring sports, movies, music, documentaries, and kids’ programming. Price: ₦5,300

4. GOtv Jolli: A budget-friendly option with over 40 channels, including popular local channels, movies, documentaries, and kids’ shows. Price: ₦2,700

5. GOtv Jinja: Offers over 35 channels with a focus on local content, including news, movies, music, and religious programs. Price: ₦1,900

6. GOtv Smallie: The most affordable option with over 35 local and international channels, including news, movies, and entertainment programs. Price: ₦1,300.

How Much Is Gotv Decoder In Nigeria?

The price of a GOtv decoder in Nigeria can vary depending on the model, retailer, and any current promotions. However, here’s a general idea of the pricing:

Official price: ₦6,900. This is the price listed on the GOtv website and is what most dealers sell them at.

Range: Prices can range from around ₦3,950 (for used models on to ₦35,800 (for a complete set with HD decoder and antenna on Jumia).

Popular Gotv Prices And Models:

  • Gotv HDMI Decoder, Antenna + One Month Subcription: ₦18,999 – ₦21,000
  • Gotv Decoder GOcoda 3 HDMI HD OUTPUT + 1Month Free Sub: ₦22,500 – ₦34,000
  • Gotv Decoder+Gotenna+Coxial Cable+1 Month Gotv Max Subscription: ₦22,600 – ₦35,800

Where To Buy Gotv Decoder?

Looking to buy a GOtv decoder and unlock a world of entertainment? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, a movie buff, or just looking for some quality family entertainment,

GOtv has a package to suit your needs. But before you can start enjoying all that GOtv has to offer, you’ll need to get your hands on a decoder.

Here are some of the places where you can buy a GOtv decoder in Nigeria:

  • Authorized GOtv Dealers: These are physical stores that have been authorized by GOtv to sell their products. You can find a list of authorized dealers on the GOtv website.
  • Online Retailers: Several online retailers in Nigeria sell GOtv decoders, including Jumia, Konga, and Slot. These retailers often offer competitive prices and convenient delivery options.
  • Supermarkets and Electronics Stores: Some supermarkets and electronics stores also sell GOtv decoders. This can be a convenient option if you’re already out shopping for other items.
  • GOtv Walk-in Centres: GOtv has walk-in centres in major cities across Nigeria. You can visit a walk-in centre to purchase a decoder, get help with installation, or pay your subscription.

Things To Consider When Buying Gotv Decoder?

  • The type of decoder you need: There are different types of GOtv decoders available, so make sure you choose one that is compatible with your TV.
  • The price: Prices can vary depending on the type of decoder, the retailer, and any current promotions.
  • Installation: Some retailers offer installation services, while others do not. If you’re not comfortable installing the decoder yourself, you may want to choose a retailer that offers installation.
  • Subscription: You will need to purchase a GOtv subscription in order to activate your decoder and start watching TV.

Tips For Finding The Best Prices On Gotv Decoder

Compare retailers:

Check prices from various authorized GOtv dealers, both online and physical stores. Popular options include:

  • GOtv website and retail stores
  • Jumia
  • Konga
  • Slot
  • Other electronics stores

Pay attention to any ongoing promotions or discounts offered by different retailers.

Consider buying a used decoder:

  • Used decoders can be significantly cheaper, especially on platforms like
  • Ensure the decoder is functional, compatible with your TV, and not locked to a specific subscription.
  • Be cautious when buying online and meet the seller in person to inspect the decoder before purchase.

Look for bundled deals:

  • Some retailers offer bundled deals that include the decoder, antenna, and subscription at a discounted price.
  • Compare the overall cost of these bundles to individual purchases to see if it’s more economical.

Choose the right subscription:

  • GOtv offers different subscription packages with varying channel selections and prices.
  • Select a package that suits your viewing needs and budget. Consider if you need additional channels offered in higher tiers before upgrading.

Wait for sales and promotions:

  • GOtv occasionally runs sales and promotions, especially during festive seasons.
  • Follow GOtv’s social media pages and website to stay updated on upcoming offers.

Negotiate (if applicable):

  • In some physical stores, you might have some leeway for negotiation, especially if buying used or multiple decoders.
  • Be polite and respectful, and aim for a mutually beneficial price.

By following these tips, you can find the best price on a GOtv decoder that fits your needs and budget. Happy viewing.

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