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Dstv Remote Control Guide


Whether you’re a seasoned DStv viewer or just starting out, understanding your dstv remote control is key to unlocking the full potential of your satellite TV experience.

The DStv remote is a device used to control DStv decoders, which allow you to access DStv’s satellite television services.

There are different DStv remote models and dstv remote prices, each with its own unique features and functionalities.

However, some common features found on most DStv remotes include:

  • Navigation buttons: These buttons allow you to navigate through the DStv menus and on-screen displays.
  • Channel buttons: These buttons allow you to change channels.
  • Volume buttons: These buttons allow you to adjust the volume.
  • Power button: This button turns the decoder on or off.
  • Record button: This button allows you to record programs.
  • Pause button: This button pauses the current program.
  • Playback buttons: These buttons allow you to play, rewind, and fast-forward through programs.
  • Menu button: This button opens the main DStv menu.
  • Guide button: This button opens the electronic program guide (EPG).
  • Search button: This button allows you to search for programs.
  • Hotlink buttons: These buttons provide quick access to frequently used features, such as DStv Now, Catch Up, and Box Office.

Here’s a quick intro to navigating the different types and elements of your DStv remote control.

Different Types Of Dstv Remote?

The world of DStv remotes can seem vast, with various models and functionalities at play.

But fear not, fellow viewer! Here’s a breakdown of the main types to help you identify yours and understand its capabilities.

1. Standard Remotes:

  • DStv Explora Ultra (DStv Explora 3A & 3B): This sleek remote boasts dedicated buttons for voice search, DStv Now, and Showmax, along with navigation and playback controls.
  • DStv Explora (DStv Explora 2A & 2B): Similar to the Ultra, it offers navigation, playback, and hotkeys for DStv Now and Catch Up.
  • DStv HD PVR & SD PVR: These remotes feature essential channel, volume, and recording controls, catering to basic viewing needs.

2. Advanced Remotes:

  • DStv Explora A7: This remote ups the ante with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing voice control and gesture navigation for a truly interactive experience.
  • DStv Streaming Remote: Designed for the DStv Stream Box, this remote focuses on streaming navigation and playback, with hotkeys for popular apps like Netflix and YouTube.

Features Of All Dstv Remote?

To dive deeper into your remote’s capabilities, let’s explore them based on specific models:

DStv Explora Ultra (DStv Explora 3A & 3B):

  • Voice Search: Speak your command, and the remote listens! Find programs, actors, genres, and more with effortless voice control.
  • DStv Now & Showmax Hotkeys: Jump straight into these streaming services with dedicated buttons for instant access to your favorite shows and movies.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Pair your remote with compatible devices for wireless control and explore features like gesture navigation.
  • Standard Navigation & Playback: Channel surfing, volume control, and playback options (pause, rewind, fast-forward) are all at your fingertips.

DStv Explora (DStv Explora 2A & 2B):

  • DStv Now & Catch Up Hotkeys: Quickly access recorded shows and live streaming with dedicated buttons.
  • Navigation & Playback: Similar to the Ultra, enjoy essential controls for channel switching, volume adjustment, and playback options.


  • Basic Controls: Focus on fundamental functions like channel navigation, volume control, recording management, and playback.

DStv Explora A7:

  • Enhanced Navigation: Navigate with ease using the directional pad, OK button, or even voice commands and hand gestures (with compatible devices).
  • Multi-Device Control: Program the A7 to control your TV, sound system, and other devices, creating a unified entertainment hub.
  • Standard Features: Channel switching, volume control, playback options, and access to DStv menus are also included.

DStv Streaming Remote:

  • Streaming Focus: Designed for the DStv Stream Box, this remote prioritizes navigation and playback controls for popular streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and DStv Now.
  • Basic Controls: Channel navigation, volume adjustment, and basic playback options are also present.

How To Use Dstv Remote?

As there are various DStv remote models with different layouts and features, specific instructions on how to use yours will depend on the exact model you have.

However, I can provide you with some general guidance that applies to most DStv remotes:

Basic Functions:

  • Navigation: Use the directional pad or arrow keys to move around the menus and select items. The “OK” button usually confirms your selection.
  • Channels: Change channels using the dedicated channel buttons (up/down, numbers, or favorites). Some remotes might have dedicated buttons for specific channel categories (sports, movies, etc.).
  • Volume: Adjust the volume using the dedicated volume buttons (up/down).
  • Playback: Control playback of recorded shows or live content with buttons like Play/Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Stop.
  • Menu: Access the main DStv menu with the dedicated “Menu” button. From here, you can access various settings, options, and features.
  • Guide: View the electronic program guide (EPG) with the “Guide” button, which shows upcoming programs on different channels.
  • Search: Find specific programs using keywords or channel numbers with the “Search” button.
  • Hotlink Buttons: Some remotes have dedicated buttons for quick access to frequently used features like DStv Now, Catch Up, and Box Office.
  • Recording: Record programs with the “Record” button (if your decoder supports recording).
  • Other Buttons: Depending on your remote model, you might have additional buttons for specific functions like parental control, audio language selection, subtitle options, etc.

Tips For Using Dstv Remote Control

  1. Check the user manual: Your DStv decoder comes with a user manual that explains the specific functions of your remote model in detail. This is the best resource for learning all the features and functionalities.
  2. Point the remote directly at the decoder: DStv remotes use infrared signals, so you need to point the remote directly at the decoder for it to work properly.
  3. Replace batteries regularly: Make sure the batteries in your remote are fresh to avoid any interruptions while using it.
  4. Program your remote: Some DStv remotes can be programmed to control other devices like your TV or sound system. Consult the user manual for instructions on how to program your remote.

So, Grab your DStv remote, familiarize yourself with its layout, and explore the exciting world of channels, recordings, and entertainment options waiting to be discovered.

With a little practice, you’ll be navigating like a pro and enjoying the best of DStv in no time.


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