DStv Packages and Subscription Prices in Nigeria 2024


DStv is a popular satellite television service provider in Nigeria, offering a variety of packages to suit different budgets and viewing preferences. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, a movie buff, or a parent looking for kid-friendly content, there’s a DStv package for you.

Here’s a breakdown of the current DStv packages and their subscription prices in Nigeria:

1. DStv Premium:

  • Price: ₦29,500 per month
  • Channels: Over 160 channels, including 38 HD channels
  • Description: This is the top-tier package, offering the most channels and content. You’ll get access to everything from major sporting events (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A) and nonstop movies (M-Net Movies, Africa Magic Epic) to kids’ channels, documentaries, and news.

2. DStv Compact Plus:

  • Price: ₦19,800 per month
  • Channels: Over 120 channels, including 22 HD channels
  • Description: This package is a good option if you’re looking for a good mix of sports, movies, and entertainment channels. You’ll still get access to major sporting events, popular M-Net channels, and kids’ programming.

3. DStv Compact:

  • Price: ₦12,500 per month
  • Channels: Over 80 channels, including 12 HD channels
  • Description: This package is ideal for those who want a basic selection of channels at an affordable price. You’ll get access to some sports channels, popular local channels, and kids’ programming.

4. DStv Confam:

  • Price: ₦7,400 per month
  • Channels: Over 50 channels
  • Description: This package focuses on local Nigerian channels, making it a good choice for families who want to stay connected to their culture. You’ll also get some religious channels and music channels.

5. DStv Yanga:

  • Price: ₦4,200 per month
  • Channels: Over 25 channels
  • Description: This is the most affordable DStv package, offering a limited selection of local channels and music channels.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Initial access charge: In addition to the monthly subscription fee, you’ll also need to pay an initial access charge when you first subscribe to DStv. This charge covers the cost of the satellite dish, decoder, and installation.
  • Smart Card: You’ll need a DStv Smart Card to access your chosen package. You can purchase a Smart Card from authorized DStv dealers or retail outlets.
  • Promotions and discounts: DStv sometimes offers discounts and promotions on certain packages. Be sure to check the DStv website or contact your local DStv service provider for the latest deals.

I hope this will help you understand the different DStv packages and subscription prices in Nigeria. Now you can choose the package that best suits your needs and budget!

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