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Dstv Office Near Me


DStv offices serve as your one-stop shop for all things related to your DStv subscription.

Whether you’re a new customer looking to connect, an existing client with billing inquiries, or someone needing technical assistance, these offices are equipped to handle your needs.

What You Get At Any Dstv Office Near Me?

  1. Subscription services: Sign up for new packages, upgrade or downgrade your current plan, add or remove channels, and manage your account information.
  2. Technical support: Get help with decoder installation, signal issues, remote control problems, and other technical hiccups.
  3. Payments and billing: Make payments, resolve billing disputes, understand your bill, and top up your viewing account.
  4. Product information: Learn about new DStv products and services, compare packages, and get expert advice on choosing the right option for your needs.
  5. Customer service: Address any concerns or complaints you have about your DStv experience.

Types Of Dstv Office Near Me?

There are different types of DStv offices, each offering varying levels of service and catering to specific needs. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Multichoice Service Centers:

  • What they offer: The full range of DStv services, including subscriptions, technical support, payments, product information, and customer service.
  • Best for: Customers with complex needs, technical issues, or requiring in-depth product information and advice.
  • Examples: Flagship DStv stores in major cities.

2. DStv Express Outlets:

  • What they offer: Basic services like subscription management, payments, and decoder purchases.
  • Best for: Quick transactions like paying bills, topping up accounts, or buying new decoders.
  • Examples: Smaller stores in convenient locations, often within shopping malls or supermarkets.

3. Authorized Dealers:

  • What they offer: Limited services like decoder sales, basic subscription options, and sometimes payment options.
  • Best for: Purchasing new decoders or basic subscription changes.
  • Examples: Independent electronics stores authorized to sell DStv products.

4. Mobile Service Units:

  • What they offer: Limited on-site services like decoder installations, upgrades, and basic troubleshooting.
  • Best for: Customers in remote areas or unable to visit a physical office.
  • Availability: Varies depending on region and may require scheduling.

5. Online/Self-Service:

  • What they offer: Manage your account, make payments, access support resources, and troubleshoot basic issues remotely.
  • Best for: Simple tasks like changing channels, updating billing information, or finding answers to common questions.
  • Access: Through the MyDStv website or app.

Consider your specific needs and the complexity of your request when choosing a DStv office.

For simple tasks, online self-service or an Express Outlet might suffice. For technical issues, complex service needs, or in-depth product advice, a Multichoice Service Center is best.

How To Find Dstv Office Near Me?

Finding a DStv office near you is easy! Here are three methods you can use:

1. Online:

  • DStv website: Visit the DStv website and use their store locator tool: https://www.dstv.com/en-za/help/contact-us (This link might not work for all countries. Check the official DStv website for your specific country.)
  • MyDStv app: Download the MyDStv app and access the “Store Locator” feature. This option requires you to have the app installed and potentially an account linked to your DStv subscription.

2. Phone:

  • Call DStv customer service: Dial the appropriate DStv customer service number for your region and ask for the nearest office location. You can find these numbers on the DStv website or in your MyDStv app.

3. In-person:

  • Ask at your local DStv dealer: Many authorized DStv dealers can point you in the direction of the nearest full-service office.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider the type of service you need: If you have a simple issue like making a payment, you might be able to handle it online or through the app. However, for more complex needs like technical assistance, you’ll likely need to visit an office.
  • Check opening hours: Before heading to an office, make sure to check their opening hours. These can vary depending on the location and day of the week.
  • Bring necessary documents: When visiting an office, it’s a good idea to bring your ID and DStv account details for easier identification and service.


DStv offices are your key to unlocking a world of entertainment and staying connected to your subscription.

Whether you’re a new customer seeking guidance, a seasoned viewer needing assistance, or someone exploring your options, these hubs offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your needs.

Remember, DStv offices come in various forms, from full-fledged service centers to express outlets and authorized dealers.

Utilize the handy online store locator or the MyDStv app to find the most convenient option near you.


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